An innovative medical desktop software developed under Python aims to help clinics and hospitals analyze and process CT images, including lung and brain images. The software is equipped with an IPython console that enables users to execute tasks using corresponding commands. The console provides batch processing in which data can be efficiently processed. In addition, it has a feature to extend the software by developing and embedding custom plugins as an internal extension.


  • 3D CT Image Display
  • Segmentation using Otsu threshold
  • IPython Console
  • Batch Processing
  • Plugins Support
  • Extensible
  • User and Developer Manual


Download user guide version 2.0.4 here.


MedVisPy is an extensible software for displaying and processing medical images and data analysis. It allows users to display CT images, tag them and do segmentation. It also enables users to perform all operations by executing the relevant commands in the embedded IPython console. In this case, tasks also can be done using batch processing.

Another outstanding feature of the software is adding custom plugins, helping developers extend the software and embed their modules in this software.