An innovative medical desktop software developed under Python aims to help clinics and hospitals analyze and process CT images, including lung and brain images. The software is equipped with an IPython console that enables users to execute tasks using corresponding commands. The console provides batch processing in which data can be efficiently processed. In addition, […]

Facial Expression Recognition

The open-source console application developed with Python 3 using OpenCV, Keras, and Cascade Classifier to train and detect seven human face emotion types as follows below: Angry Happy Disgust Sad Scared Surprised Neutral Requirements Python3 and pip: Follow this link to install python3 and pip library on your computer. OpenCV: sudo pip3 install opencv-python TensorFlow […]

Real-time Gate Detection

Development of a real-time algorithm to detect landing boards and yellow and red gates, in addition to robot routing using C++ and OpenCV library. A robot’s mission is to cross the yellow gates from above and pass through the red gates robustly without any collisions to score corresponding points. Step-by-Step solution Capturing real-time frame stream […]

Robot-Line-Following (Hough Transform)

Robot Line Following

A program to detect and track lines in real-time with Hough Transform using C++ and OpenCV library. A drone robot is assigned to follow the line with given points and directions and choose the right path in intersections with existing QR codes. Step-by-Step solution Capturing real-time frame stream by opening the camera Applying preliminary filters […]